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Institute Introduction

Laser Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences was founded in 1978 as a provincial comprehensive research public institution, our research focus is put on optoelectronic test and measurement technology, non-destructive measurement technology and fiber optic sensing technology.

Laser Institute have one provincial key laboratory—Shandong Fiber Optics Sensing Technology Key Laboratory, one provincial engineering laboratory—Shandong Fiber Optics Test Engineering Laboratory, four engineering technology research center—Shandong Fiber Optics Sensing Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Non-destructive Testing Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Modern Optic Instruments Engineering Technology Research Center and Shandong Optoelectronic Test Security Control Engineering Technology Research Center . We also have four Shandong Academy of Sciences technology research platform and one Shandong Academy of Sciences Postdoc workstation. We were approved by Shandong provincial government to set up “Taishan Scholar” work station and we set up the Shandong” Coal Mine Safety Fiber Optics Technology Innovation Strategic Union” as the chairman unit. The laboratory hardware of our “Shandong Energy Safety Smart Technology Research Platform” funder by Shandong Department of Treasury has reached international advanced level, which has taken an important role in Shandong even China public energy safety monitoring technology research.

Ever since "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", we have undertaken nearly 20 national scientific research projects, more than 60 provincial and ministerial-level research projects and more than 10 achievements have reached the international leading or advanced level. We won more than 10 provincial-level awards, more than 10 academic science and technology awards, we have nearly 30 authorized invention patents; Our research achievements has been applied to thousands of enterprises across China.

Currently we have more than 100 employee, with over 60 research staff who have master or PhD degree. We have 3 experts with titles of “Taishan Scholar” or “Oversea Taishan Scholar”, 1 expert with National May Day labor medal and enjoys the State Council special allowance, 1 expert with Shandong Outstanding Contribution Expert title, 2 experts with Shandong Academy of Sciences young academic leader title. We also have 3 PhD supervisors and 4 master supervisors. We have hired 10 oversea high-level talents in our team.


Our Research Focus

1.Mine Safety Monitoring Technology

In view of the needs of mine safety technology in China, based on the forefront of mine safety science and technology, focus on the research of the basic and engineering technology of fiber optic sensor application, and create a new generation of integrated safety production monitoring early warning system and emergency decision-making support system.

2.Specialty Fiber and Device Technology

Committed to high-performance specialty fiber optic devices and associated sensing technology research, such as basic research in the design and production of narrow line width distributed feedback fiber lasers, polymer fiber and devices and special doped fiber and device, and application research in the defense, petrochemical, power, intelligent materials and structure areas.

3.Non-destructive Testing Technology

Focusing on China's scientific and technological development plan to solve the technical problems of non-destructive testing in china's metallurgy, chemical industry, transportation, public safety and other fields, carry out research and development of advanced technology, instruments and equipment for non-destructive testing, and on the basis of continuing the research and development advantages of laser acoustic and magnetic on-line testing technology, based on solid mechanics, the fusion of Nano mechanics, Electromagnetics, Physical science, biomechanics and other related technologies, to carry out research in the cross-edge field, tracking the frontiers of discipline development.

4. Machine Vision Technology

                            Committed to photoelectric automation and machine vision detection key technology research, high-precision laser processing lens, visual lens design and         production technology for industrial incubation, system integration and manufacturing of high-end equipment.

5.Smart Manufacturing Technology

According to the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of Laser institute and “Made in China 2025”, based on the needs in the transportation, energy, power, national defense and other industries, employing the laser manufacturing and remanufacturing technology, carry out intelligent manufacturing key technology research, complete sets of equipment research and industry demonstration applications.

6. Water Treatment Technology and Equipment

Facing the market demand for water body and soil pollution control in China, carrying out research work on sewage treatment, soil restoration and research and development of environmental protection equipment, and working with universities, research institutes and enterprises around the world to develop new technical solutions for the complex technical problems in China's environmental restoration market.  The aim is to put scientific research results into platform development.

7.Advanced Photoelectronic Technology and Marine Application


Facing the current and future national strategic development and local market needs, especially in combination with the Shandong provincial government's development strategy for building the blue marine economic zone of Shandong Peninsula and the policy of introducing high-level talents vigorously in Shandong Province, carry out basic research and applied research on ultra-fast laser technology in accordance with the new industrial and scientific research direction planned by Shandong Province. Develop new technologies and products such as lasers, measurement and sensing.

We will make concerted efforts, always adhere to the scientific research as the center, and strive to shoulder the heavy responsibility of scientific and technological innovation in our province to solve major scientific and technological problems in economic and social development, carry out basic research, applied basic research and cutting-edge high-tech research, provide scientific and technological impetus and technical support for the economic construction and social development of the province, work diligently to build a modern research institute with substantial influence both domestically and internationally.